Blockshow x Mr. Block


Date: 9 March 2018

Location: Taipei

Organizer: Blockshow, Mr. Block

Blockshow is a one of the largest blockchain event that showcase various blockchain solutions. It is powered by Cointelegraph, a global online publication offering the latest news, breakthroughs and analysis from the field of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, DAPP, the internet of finance and the web 3.0. It welcomes whoever are interested and thrive to learn more about this revolutionary technology. 

Mr. Block in Blockshow Taipei

Mr. Block co-hosted Blockshow Taipei, with the goal to give the Taiwanese blockchain community to explore this growing industry and give them a chance to hear the experts' insight regarding different issues with various aspects.

In this event, we were able to find out multiple new blockchain solutions and projects that comes from both government and private companies. It was one of the biggest chance for the crowd to increase their awareness on this revolutionary field.

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