Deconomy 2018


Date: 3 - 4 April 2018

Location: Seoul

Organizer: Jeff Paik, Ash Han

In 2017, along with the boom on Bitcoin price, blockchain become more popular than ever before. Many meetups became like sales market where numerous teams come up with meaningless blockchain projects. This is when Jeff and Ash realized that blockchain industry lacked huge event where important and influential people can come together to discuss the important question or issue. Just like G20 and WEF, they believe that huge event are necessary in blockchain in order for foster the healthy growth of this industry. They decided to organize Deconomy.

Deconomy is an annual event aiming to bring the brightest leaders, entrepreneurs, enthusiastics, investors, developers, academic and policy groups into one place to discuss the future of distributed economy. The ultimate purpose of this international blockchain event is to throw out questions to this growing industry, and let everyone answer, discuss, share ideas, and provide different solution, so that this industry can take a further leap forward.

Mr. Block in Deconomy 2018

Mr. Block attended Deconomy 2018 as regular attendees, discovering how world class blockchain conference with top class speakers should be. We were able to see the big picture of where blockchain industry is heading, as well as the problem and challenges that are ahead.

We were proud to represent Taiwan in this global stage and were able to reconfirm our value "It is a revolution. We believe in it"

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